Telling myself off.

I need to sort myself out, and this post is me, actually getting this stuff out of my head and into reality to try and make me act on this stuff.

I’m too easily distracted. I’ve been chipping away at various freelance work in the evenings and weekends. Jobs that I know I can get done in a reasonable time, and yet, they’re taking me ages, because my attention span lately has been dreadful. I’m forever checking Facebook. Twitter. Looking at Transformer’s message boards. Star Wars message boards. Reading nonsense Wikipedia entries about aliens and conspiracies or other useless crap. Or I’m finding ways to distract myself by firing up OpenEmu and playing Virtua Racing, or Road Rash, or whatever other little distractions I can muster. And doing my work in this highly piecemeal fashion is hurting the quality of the work, and meaning I stay up later than I need to, and then I’m more tired the next day, and get more distracted… you get the idea.

So I’m going to try and get some focus back, knuckle down and concentrate on the work, and GET IT DONE.  I need to get my shit together, and stop getting distracted. This is getting silly now.


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