Retracing the Cardiff Railway, Part Seven: Whitchurch

Whitchurch station was opened by the Cardiff Railway in March of 1911, and was one of the original stations on the line. Until the 1960’s Whitchurch station had 2 platforms (up and down lines) plus a goods platform, a goods shed and yard, booking office, footbridge, and a staff of at least two. There was also a signal box at the eastern end of the platform.

Whitchurch Station, 1922, looking towards Cardiff.


Whitchurch Station, 1956, looking towards Cardiff.


The south platform station building in 1956.


Whitchurch Station, 1958, looking towards Cardiff.

Following the absorption of the Cardiff Railway into the Great Western Railway, the station was renamed “Whitchurch (Glam)” in July of 1924. Fifty years later, it was further renamed “Whitchurch (South Glam)”, but in contemporary times it is now simply known as “Whitchurch” once more.


Whitchurch Station, 2013, looking towards Cardiff.

With the decline of passenger and freight services on the route over the years, all the extra amenities were slowly removed or demolished. The second track was lifted, and the station building and good yard area is now the site of local housing and flats. The original footbridge and signal box were removed. A row of garages was constructed on top of the southern platform, and the remaining operational northern platform considerably shortened.


The modern day view of the southern platform, with garages built in situ.

The station still operates today, now the penultimate stop before the Coryton terminus, and sadly a shadow of it’s former self.

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