In The Interest Of Balance

Many times in the past few years, if I’ve had a bad time, or been going through a down-phase or similar, I’ve often turned to social media and this blog to vent some spleen. So it’s only right that I try and bring some balance, and put up a post about when things are feeling good.

Right now, I feel good. Personally, and I know this is just me, but I feel good in myself right now.

Work-wise: I’m in a job that’s reasonably straight forward, with people I enjoy being around, in a location close to where I live, with a decent wage. It’s not a creative role, but right now, I’m happy to go along with the “9-5” thing because of everything else. It’s a stability I’m happy to accept for now.

Health: I’m more active than I’ve been since I was 16. I’m not losing a dramatic amount of weight, but I’m in better shape from visiting the gym 2 or 3 times a week, and I’ve started going for longer walks, and I can feel the difference. I feel stronger, my chest gets less tight less often, and I just feel more active. My skin has been in a sustained place for a while – still dry and cracked here and there, it’s never perfect, but it’s the best it’s been in a  while. I generally feel good about it all. I’m trying to hold my posture better, and project more confidence, and I think that’s working too.

Creativity: I’m finally coming out of a horrendous creative block. I’ve been dipping my toes back into some colouring work on Dr Who, I’ve been dabbling in some freelance stuff… Lou Scannon issue 8 finally got finished, and has got some of my favourite colour/shading work in it. My own writing endeavours with the non-fiction Cardiff Railway book has been invigorating me too, and I can’t wait to get stuck into that properly, assuming I can secure the funding.

Masterpiece Megatron: They made a new Masterpiece Megatron, and he’s awesome. Nuff said.

TV: I don’t watch much TV, but there’s new Archer, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Brooklyn 99 and Red Dwarf on this year. Immense pleasure!

Social: I love my friends. The Thursday games nights are a great ‘blow off steam’ session, and huge fun. They’re a real highlight of the week now.

I know it’s not all brilliant. There’s upcoming job security and financial issues. Stuff needs fixing in the house. One of our cats is very old now, and I worry for her health. Most importantly, my wife is struggling massively with mental health issues, issues that I’ve no hope of relieving. All I can do is be there and be supportive. I try and encourage her to exercise, I try to take off as much pressure as I can… but I’ve accepted that I can’t ‘fix’ that.

But overall… I feel like I’m in a good place. The most relaxed and content I’ve been for a long time. And I intend to fully embrace this feeling while it lasts.




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