Attending TFNation 2019…

SO.  On August 17th & 18th, I’ll be in attendance at TFNation, the frankly brilliant Transformers convention that succeeded Auto Assembly. The past two years, I’ve attended simply as an attendee (albeit contributing behind the scenes in a minimal fashion with intro videos and writing the Saturday script readings). This year however, I’m back on the sketching horse, offering a few prints and selling bespoke sketches from The Forge all weekend, and also selling some items for charity – read on!

Here’s my price list for the con:

Attic Studio self-published comics – £3.50

A4 Colour Print – £10

A4 Black & White Sketch (1 character, add £5 for a background) – £15

A4 Colour Sketch (1 character, add £5 for a background) – £20

I’m also offering this:

After-convention A4 Sketch which will be posted to you, plus a glossy A4 print of the sketch, digitally coloured (1 character) – £50 (includes postage)

If you’d rather throw money at me for a good cause (rather than me blowing it all on toys), I’ll also be selling my limited remaining stock of my Lower Ranks book for £15, all of which goes to the Samaritans. It’s made about £575 for the charity so far, and anything extra is always a bonus.

What is Lower Ranks? Well, around thirteen or fourteen years ago, I wrote and drew some Transformers fan-comics (with a little help from various other people) and I posted them up on the Transformers fansite. They were very well received, and eventually helped me get contributed to me work on colouring the official Transformers comics a few years later.

Back in 2013, I found out that Sol Fire, one of the forum members who’s fan-character I used in the books, had taken his own life.

I decided to collect together the four fan stories I created, and publish them in a trade paperback, which I then sold online and at some UK conventions. Once the printing costs were all met, all the further takings went (and will continue to go) to The Samaritans. Coupled with my own experience with mental health disorders, it seemed like a good way to help a charity and also show a mark of respect to Sol Fire, and get copies of the comics produced for a good number of people who’d requested them in print over the years.

The book itself is a 96 page, full colour A5 trade paperback. It contains four 16 page stories – “Courage Under Fire”, “Crisis Of Conscience”, “Out Of Time” and “The Best Defence…”. It also contains some bonus material and other additional content from people who helped me create the stories in the first place, so you’re getting bang for your buck too.

See you in August!

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