Chef Carter #2

Dine Another Day

Ceri had made a very nice Broccoli Pasta dish a few nights ago, and it seemed liked something I could do, so i gave that a stab.

Cubby Brocoli Presents…

So Ceri sent me the recipe ( and I began. Grabbed a load of pasta, and plonked it in the saucepan, poured a load of freshly boiled water over it, and then added some salt. I’ve no idea how much was needed.

While the pasta was boiling on the hob, I started heating another pan with some vegetable oil in it. I ham-fistedly cut the ends off of the spring onions, and tried to peel off the top layer of skin on each one, which proved to be a little trickier than I expected. I popped this into the pan while I started to fight with the garlic cloves, but I spent too long faffing about with those, and left the spring onions on the heat too long, which filled the kitchen with smoke, and set off the fire alarms. Ceri leapt into action and thankfully took over the cooking from there – adding the garlic, the chilli flakes and adding more pasta too. I helped a bit by cutting the tomatoes, but I even struggled at this, accidentally managed to just crush or pop a few instead of cutting them.

The final meal tasted lovely, thanks to Ceri finishing what I started, but in terms of what I actually cooked, it was a complete failure. Onto the next cook.

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