About Me


I’m a digital skills developer, based in South Wales, in the UK. 

I have a BTEC Diploma in Art & Design, and a HND  and a Masters Degree in Animation. I’m proficient in PhotoShop, Illustrator, and a number of other programs. I’m not too bad with a pencil and paper either! I can also code a little HTML and CSS, but I’m a tad rusty on that front.

I first started colouring comics professionally part-time in late 2008, on the UK “Transformers” magazine from Titan Publishing. I’ve also coloured for the US “Transformers” comics by IDW Publishing, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on properties such as “TMNT”, “Shrek”, “Torchwood” and “Doctor Who”, as well some original creator-owned titles such as “Zombies! Hunters”, “Stiffs” and “The Pride”. I did that up until around 2016 or so, when the low pay and burgeoning depression put paid to that side of thing.

I also indulge in a bit of writing.  I’ve co-written 8 issues of “Lou Scannon“, a sci-fi/comedy spectacular indie book, and  I also co-write “Bruce Outback“. I’ve written script readings for voice actors at the TFNation conventions, and also written my own brief book about people spelling my name wrong, “Witherkay” which is also the name of this blog now!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kris, came across your blog on the Barry and the Cardiff railway and thought I could add to it. I grew up next to both. Until 1950 lived on Poplar road and part of my playground was the old track bed of the Cardiff railway. As far as my memory goes the rail lines were gone before 1948 which was when I used to cross the old line on my way to infants school in Hawthorn. I have no memory of Rydyfelin Halt whatsoever. I remember sitting on the embankment over looking the greyhound track/motorcycle cinder racing track which used to exist to the West of Fairfield Lane and what would now be to the South of the A470 next to the railway bridge.
    My family moved across the valley to a house up the dirt road “Graig Y Forest’ Just round the corner from what was then the school of mines where my father gained his HNC. I remember the Graig tunnel well and until we moved again to Port Talbot in early 53 trains still ran on the tracks below the house. I believe the house still exists. It was the 3rd one along and also the last one last time I was in the area 20 years ago. On my bucket list is a plan to visit once more in the relatively near future. Thanks for the blog on the railway lines it filled in some gaps in my memories. I also remember that the other rail line on the far side of the valley, the Pontypridd, Caerphilly and Newport line still had traffic on it till at least 1953. Also at the East end of Poplar Road along the canal to Upper boat there used to be a disused lock and water still filled the canal at that point.
    Back then it was accepted practice to let kids roam free and as long as no one complained there was no fuss made about kids being gone pretty much all day. I remember it was something we did often during the long summer break from school and it was accepted practice to go up and knock on a strangers door and ask for a drink of water.


    1. Hi Dave! Sorry for the exceptionally late reply, I must’ve missed this comment originally! It’s good to read your memories of the area! Neat to hear you’re in Kentucky now (I used to live in Indiana for a while).


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