Attending TFNation 2019…

SO.  On August 17th & 18th, I'll be in attendance at TFNation, the frankly brilliant Transformers convention that succeeded Auto Assembly. The past two years, I've attended simply as an attendee (albeit contributing behind the scenes in a minimal fashion with intro videos and writing the Saturday script readings). This year however, I'm back on … Continue reading Attending TFNation 2019…

Charity Book update

Just a brief note regarding the "Lower Ranks" book of collected Transformers fan-fiction - to date, it's raised £600 for the Samaritans (which has been paid to the charity in three instances since May 2016 - £570, £15 and £15 respectively). So a big thank you to everyone so far who's contributed to making that happen. I … Continue reading Charity Book update

“Lower Ranks” – Charity book update!

Before Christmas last year, I outlined my plan to collect all my old Transformers fan comics that were published on the forums, and print them in a book. The proceeds from this would go to The Samaritans. Unfortunately, the plan got severely delayed by bouts with pneumonia, job stuff and other real-world crapola. But I finally … Continue reading “Lower Ranks” – Charity book update!

Auto Assembly 2014 – My Thinkin’s On It.

Another year, another chance to experience one of the undoubted highlights - a Transformers convention called Auto Assembly! This year, I was not one of the advertised guests (which have understandably been scaled back), which immediately presented me with a huge cost problem - the hotel. The only reason I've been able to attend the … Continue reading Auto Assembly 2014 – My Thinkin’s On It.

I’m Printing A Book For Charity.

Several years ago, I wrote and drew some Transformers fan-comics (with a little help from various other people) that I posted up on the Transformers fan-website. They were very well received, and actually contributed to me gaining work on colouring the official Transformers comics a few years later. Recently I found out that Sol … Continue reading I’m Printing A Book For Charity.