Chef Carter #1

I cannot cook. In this blog entry, I try.

Inktober 2019 – STAR TREKKIN’

Another October, another Inktober! As usual, I eschew the prompts, and draw characters from shows I like. This year, I picked all of the Star Trek franchise, so I had plenty of choice.... My previous Inktobers for 2018 and 2017 are here and here!


I get so many emails from people with my name spelled incorrectly, in spite of the replying party having my correctly-spelled name IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS. So, after months of procrastination, I gathered a tonne of these misspellings together, and put them into a book, and decided to crowdfund it. The campaign is here, if … Continue reading MY NAME: THE BOOK

Attending TFNation 2019…

SO.  On August 17th & 18th, I'll be in attendance at TFNation, the frankly brilliant Transformers convention that succeeded Auto Assembly. The past two years, I've attended simply as an attendee (albeit contributing behind the scenes in a minimal fashion with intro videos and writing the Saturday script readings). This year however, I'm back on … Continue reading Attending TFNation 2019…

Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 8

Before Christmas 2018, I set out to get a replica BAFTA award for my great mate Dan. But turns out, replica BAFTA's ain't cheap, but I am. So, what with it being one letter different, I made him a BACTA Award, from a Star Wars Bacta Tank playset. Here's how I did it - a … Continue reading Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 8