IDW’s Transformers Universe & Me – A Look Back

IDW's Transformers Universe (at least, it's Generation One line) draws to an absolute conclusion this year, neatly tying up over a decade of storytelling that has had a huge impact on Transformers fiction (and to an extent, the toy-line that spawned it). I've been honoured to have worked on the comics as a colourist, so … Continue reading IDW’s Transformers Universe & Me – A Look Back

Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 6

The worryingly short sixth episode of my little YouTube Transformers modding series, this time focussing on modding a Titans Return Brawn to use a smaller TitanMaster figure!

Kris Films Stuff – The Collection!

So, if anyone here also follows my Twitter / Instagram / Facebook feeds, you'll have seen I occasionally film stupid little shorts skits on my way home from work now and again. As I've been off work sick for the last week or two, I've been using that time to start uploading some of the … Continue reading Kris Films Stuff – The Collection!