The Inspiration Station

I thought I'd take this opportunity to use this post to push some of the little online projects that I've found quite inspirational lately. Mr Biffo's Found Footage Mr Biffo (aka Paul Rose) has always been a figure who's weighed heavily into my sense of humour. Growing up as a teenager through the Nineties, I … Continue reading The Inspiration Station

TFNation 2017 – My Thoughts

Disclaimer - I've likely missed out LOADS of people. Sorry! I've tried, I really have! What a blast of a weekend! My mental state of mind was in a much better place this year, and it meant I had a much lovlier time. I only went back to my room to drop stuff off for … Continue reading TFNation 2017 – My Thoughts

Hachette Job

Hachette Partworks have rolled out their Definitive Transformers G1 Collection, and the first four hardback books are now out in the wild. The idea behind the books is solid, aiming for a fairly chronological reprinting of the Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW Generation 1 Transformer books. The Marvel US and Marvel UK stories have been extensively reprinted over … Continue reading Hachette Job