Chef Carter #1

I cannot cook. In this blog entry, I try.


I get so many emails from people with my name spelled incorrectly, in spite of the replying party having my correctly-spelled name IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS. So, after months of procrastination, I gathered a tonne of these misspellings together, and put them into a book, and decided to crowdfund it. The campaign is here, if … Continue reading MY NAME: THE BOOK

Treforest Tin Works

William Crawshay II first started a tinplate rolling mill on site in 1794, and following a rebuild in 1834, by the mid 1800s it was the largest tin works in Britain. It was managed by Crawshay's son Francis. The works were abandoned by the Crawshay family in 1857 and in 1861, the whole property reverted … Continue reading Treforest Tin Works

Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 8

Before Christmas 2018, I set out to get a replica BAFTA award for my great mate Dan. But turns out, replica BAFTA's ain't cheap, but I am. So, what with it being one letter different, I made him a BACTA Award, from a Star Wars Bacta Tank playset. Here's how I did it - a … Continue reading Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 8

Retracing the PC&N Railway: Part Five: Dynea Halt

Previous station: Rhydyfelin Halt. At the turn of the century, the PC&N had purchased it's own stock of trains to run passenger services, and a series of local stops were built for these services. As with the previous halts on the line, Dynea Halt opened (initially named just Dynea) on September 1st, 1904. Via NLS, … Continue reading Retracing the PC&N Railway: Part Five: Dynea Halt