Sped Dwarf

Dramatic slow-motion shots? PAH. That stuff's for chumps. Shots that have been sped up, usually for comedic effect? THAT'S where the real good stuff is at, and Red Dwarf has a good chunk of it! Lets check out where my favourite TV show speeds up footage, and why. Series I Confidence and Paranoia - It … Continue reading Sped Dwarf

Red Dwarf: The Movie That Wasn’t

"Personally, I thought it started well, but fell apart...." - Cat, "Holoship"   From the early 1990's, up to 1999, Red Dwarf was a massively successful BBC2 sci-fi comedy that garnered huge ratings and a cult following of obsessive fans (hello!). The millennium brought us precisely no new series of the show, it was dumped … Continue reading Red Dwarf: The Movie That Wasn’t