Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 2

Despite my crappy skin infections and general uuurghhh-ness, I've managed to finish up editing my next Transformer customisation video. And unlike the last one, I don't make you wait five minutes for the kinda-funny bits.

Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 1

Here's episode 1 in a periodic series I plan to maintain every few months. If you can stick with it past the first five minutes, there's a funny bit. I promise.

TFNation 2018

Another rapid weekend and the third TFNation Transformers convention has been and gone. And, as usual, Billy and his dedicated crew of staff and volunteers yet again deliver an event that's now a slickly polished machine, and also an annual family reunion of sorts. I apologise in advance - this is gonna get rambly. Knowing … Continue reading TFNation 2018

TFNation – Or, My Big Weekend Off.

In a few days time, I'm off to Birmingham to enjoy my annual highlight of the Transformers calendar - TFNation. This will be the second TFNation, the convention itself taking up the reigns of the biggest UK Transformers Convention from the previous Auto Assembly cons. I've always enjoyed attending the Auto Assembly cons, and last … Continue reading TFNation – Or, My Big Weekend Off.

Hachette Job

Hachette Partworks have rolled out their Definitive Transformers G1 Collection, and the first four hardback books are now out in the wild. The idea behind the books is solid, aiming for a fairly chronological reprinting of the Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW Generation 1 Transformer books. The Marvel US and Marvel UK stories have been extensively reprinted over … Continue reading Hachette Job

The Masterpiece Society

Transformers toys. They are fun little bits of kit, and I've been a massive fan of them, and the media surrounding them, since I was 5 years old. The original toys were often simplistic, flew in the face of licensing (it was the 80's...) and lacked meaningful articulation. They also didn't look a great deal … Continue reading The Masterpiece Society