Digital C.V.

Co-Writer / Artist
August 2016 – Present

Bruce Outback – time-travel comedy indie comic.

Bruce Outback is Australia’s greatest detective, sent back through time to solve unsolved crimes through history!

Co-Writer / Co-Colourist / Letterer / Designer / Production Manager
July 2011 – Present

Lou ScannonEagle Award nominated Sci-fi/Comedy indie comic.

Lou Scannon is a space mercenary/pirate/scoundrel/hero…ish who embarks on adventures with the madcap crew of his spacecraft, the ‘Raging Hormone’. He’s trying to find out his forgotten past, a journey that will make you laugh, cry and be a little bit sick in your mouth from time to time.

Digital Colourist
2008 – Present

APOLLOA stylised re-telling of the historic first moon landing!

KRISTOThe Count Of Monte Cristo set against the background of World War II Russia!

MARS ATTACKS A pack-in comic for the role playing game from Mantic!

STIFFSThe crème-de-la-crap of the South Wales valleys fights a zombie invasion in this hilarious book – also contains strong language & talking monkeys.

Team M.O.B.I.L.E. Tearaway teens get given super-powers in this fun series from ROK Global.

The Pride Indie LGBT superhero tales.

Doctor Who: The Dalek Project The Doctor must fight Daleks in the trenches of World War I!

Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek An epic adventure featuring the Daleks – and the first Doctor Who graphic novel from BBC Books!

Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars  Wyatt Earp’s descendant leads an elite team of soldiers and yeti’s against the undead vampire hordes in this cracking adventure from IDW Publishing!

Torchwood All new comics of the Doctor Who spin-off from Titan Publishing!

TMNT Fast Forward Ninja Turtle action from Titan Publishing!

Transformers Transforming robot adventures from IDW Publishing and Titan Publishing!

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