Drive Room – Issue 1

The first issue of my new Red Dwarf fanzine can now be viewed or downloaded at the link below! Each issue I plan to look in-depth at the production of an episode or two. Obviously there's quite a lot to say about the first ever episode! I also look at other aspects of the … Continue reading Drive Room – Issue 1

An Ending And A Beginning

I haven't properly written for a little while, my head's not really been in the right space for it. I've coped okay with lockdown, I'm kinda. built for it really, but I was never furloughed, and my job in the USW Accommodation Admin Team trucked on from home, and indeed ramped up. I started working … Continue reading An Ending And A Beginning

Talkin’ TFN Talk-Shows

May 16th, 2020. I'm sitting in my garden, chatting on the phone with David Wallace, co-compère without compare of TFNation, the UK's biggest Transformers convention. TFNation 2020 has been cancelled a few days earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dave lets me in on a little secret - the convention is going to prepare a … Continue reading Talkin’ TFN Talk-Shows