Some Photo Geography Archeology Pinpointery

Peter Brabham's excellent Flickr account (view it here), hosts a wealth of superb archive railway photography. He recently posted up an image by Derek Chaplin of a former Cardiff Railway locomotive, that had been rebuilt and put into use on the Great Western Railway, specifically in Cardiff Docks in the early 1950's. Derek Chaplin's picture … Continue reading Some Photo Geography Archeology Pinpointery

A Cardiff Railway Sketch

I've been enjoying digitally drawing in Clip Studio, using a set of Frenden brushes and they do a brilliant job of emulating an actual watercolour effect. I've been practising a fair bit, and today I opted to draw something based on an old photo by Ben Brooksbank. It's a Kitson locomotive, formerly of the Cardiff … Continue reading A Cardiff Railway Sketch

Cardiff Railway Book Update #4

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign for the book was unsuccessful, not even reaching the halfway mark in the end. I'm disappointed obviously, but I knew from the outset that it was a very niche project to run. On the positive side, the support the book did get was very good to see, and I had some … Continue reading Cardiff Railway Book Update #4